It’s the holiday and what is better than making, baking and cooking with the family. Today I will like to share with you all a Homemade Biscuit Recipe, so stay tuned.


  1. 3 cups flour.
  2. 3 tbsp sugar.
  3. 1/2 tsp salt.
  4. 4 tsp baking powder.
  5. 1/2 tsp cream of tartar.
  6. 3/4 cup COLD butter.
  7. 1 egg.
  8. 1 cup whole milk.


• Preheat your oven to 450ºF (232ºC).

Mix the ingredients :There are only two ingredients in this recipe — the mix and the milk. Pour the mix into a large bowl, then add the milk. Stir lightly to combine. Stop stirring as soon as the dough reaches a uniformly sticky, flaky consistency.

Knead the Dough : Turn the sticky dough onto a floured baking surface (you can use the biscuit mix itself as well). Use your hands to turn the dough over on itself 10 times. Kneading more can cause the biscuits to lose their light, flaky qualities.

• Roll the dough out . From this point on, the directions are almost the same as for the recipe above. Use a roller or your hands to roll the dough ball into a 1/2-inch thick layer. If you wish, you can roll the dough between two sheets of plastic wrap to prevent a mess.

Cut out biscuits. Use a 2-inch cookie cutter to cut circular biscuits from the flattened dough. Transfer each circle of dough to your baking pan. Re-combine the leftover dough into another ball, roll it flat, and repeat.

Bake until golden-brown. This should take about 8-10 minutes in your preheated oven. When the biscuits are done, let them cool on the pan for about 5 minutes. Transfer them to a wire rack and let them cool until pleasantly warm.

I hope you enjoy baking with family, See you next time!

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